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Save money with service from our family-owned plumbing company in New Port Richey, FL. Pur Plumbing is unusual in offering a flat-rate fee for service. This means you know beforehand exactly how much a plumbing repair is going to cost. Another way we save you money is with our service charge. We do not charge our customers for a service call when you receive repair or replacement from our plumbing contractor.

Yet a third way, we offer our customers value is through the repair and installation of plumbing fixtures. For example, replacing an outdated water heater with a tankless unit greatly reduces your power bills. Our customers also realize savings from our repairs of leaking plumbing equipment, such as faucets, toilets, and water lines. With repairs that put an end to leaks, we reduce the amount you pay for water usage.

Plumbing Contractor with More Than 25 Years of Experience

The state-certified plumber who founded this company brings more than 25 years of experience to the business. He and all members of our crew are highly educated and trained in the plumbing services your home or business requires. Ask us to clean drains and install a new water heater in your home. Reach out to us to replace large boilers or to repair a lift station. We provide a full slate of services to meet your plumbing needs.
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Plumbing Services Essential for Home & Business Owners

Plumbing is something that must run continuously for comfort and safety in your home or business. When the toilet overflows or the water heater breaks down, everything seems to grind to a halt until full service is restored. Because we understand how important our service is to you, our company provides you with 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

To homeowners, emergency service means your life returns to normal as quickly as possible. Cleaning out your drains when there water is overflowing means you can use your kitchen or bathroom sinks, as well as bathtub and shower. This puts your family back on a regular schedule.

To business owners, emergency service comes down to dollars and cents. When a boiler is not heating ample amount of hot water to the temperature you require, it slows or stops business altogether. You need a plumber who responds quickly when you need service—evenings, holidays, and weekends. This is exactly what we do for you.

Contact us today for plumbing services that keep things flowing in your home or business. We serve customers in New Port Richey, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding areas.
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