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Water Line Repair in Pasco County

Leaking water lines can dump hundreds and thousands of gallons of water into your home and property if not detected in time. For professional water line repair in New Port Richey, FL, rely on Pur Plumbing. The owner of our company is a state-certified master plumber with more than 25 years of experience. Our local company provides comprehensive plumbing services that includes sewer and water line repair service, as well as garbage disposal repair and water heater replacement. Seek service from us to save money as we charge a flat fee for service, rather than adding overtime to your bill.

Plumbers Provide Water Line Repair Service

Water leaks can be very sneaky. Unless you see a puddle on the floor, you might not even know you have a water leak until it shows up in your utility bill. By that time, the leak from a damaged pipe may result in a huge spike in water use.

The plumbers at our water line repair company are adept at finding and repairing leaks. We know that you can discover leaks in unlikely places that include your basement, behind the walls of your house, in your radiant heating system, or underneath concrete slabs of your foundation.

Besides being costly in utility bills, leaks do a great deal of damage to the internal structure of your house, its foundation, and the landscaping. When you suspect a water leak, call us to find the source of the leak. Our service calls are free when our plumbers provide you with repairs.

Water Line Pipe Repair in New Port Richey, FL

Video Camera Inspections from Our Water Line Repair Company

Let us employ the latest technology in detecting where water is leaking on the inside and outside of your house. Our plumbers use a small video camera that feeds into your water pipes. The camera sends pictures to a monitor so we can see exactly what the problem is. Perhaps, age and corrosion has created a hole in a pipe. Maybe, a tree root has grown into a water line. Whatever the problem is, our video inspection system empowers us to identify the problem.

Because the camera has a tiny radio transmitter attached, we are able to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Instead of digging in a general area, we can target our repairs to the precise location, saving you time and money for water line replacement or repair.

Contact us today to find the source of your water line leaks and provide you with capable and affordable repairs. We serve customers in New Port Richey, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding areas.
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